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Career Counselling

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Information Related To Project:

This project is undertaken by H.M.P Foundation with the intentions of giving guidance related to Career and Personal counselling to students of schools in villages and cities of Bharuch jilla.

Career Talk:

In today's time many confusions prevail regarding the education of the students. Confusions like..

  • Which school should be selected?
  • Which stream should be selected after 10th…. Diploma or 11-12 to continue with?
  • If we want to carry on with 11th and 12th then which stream to select Science or Commerce?
  • Many a times student isn't able to understand his/her capabilities and often end up getting confused regarding which stream to select..
  • Many a times due to due to ignorance parents become helpless in guiding their children.

Many problems like this prevail in student's mind, so in Career Talk students are counselled regarding different lines and how they can enter into those is guided to them. And along with guidance aptitude test of the child is taken to discover their skills. This aptitude test is taken on projector and wherein students reply through remote and this test discovers three types of skills hidden in the student.

  1. Aptitude Test
  2. Personality Test
  3. Interest Test

Aptitude Test:

With the help of aptitude test we can know the hidden skills of the student as many times students themselves
are unaware of the hidden skills in them. But everyone is blessed with some hidden skill which has to be discovered and flourished.

  1. clerk capacity
  2. statistical capacity
  3. Mechanical strength
  4. Logical capacity
  5. Space-related capabilities
  6. Verbal ability

The presence of this skills in a person can be measured and accordingly decided in which field those can be utilized.

Personality Test:

There are two types of personality

  1. Extrovert Personality: Students with this personality are found having mixing nature, they gel with other people in lesser time, and many a times in spite of saying them to sit quietly they aren't able to do so.
  2. Introvert Personality: Introvert personality means students having reserved kind of nature. Such students are found less talking, their friend circle is also found small and they don't easily gel with other people.

Certainly by knowing the personality student can recognise which field to choose. For e.g if student with introvert nature is told to become a lawyer, maybe he would become one but being an introvert he would not be able to justify his job as he is less use to argument as per his nature. Same ways if student with extrovert nature is said to study C.A then he may become but with some time he would get bored as he won't get much interesting things to do and end up stressing himself.

Interest Test:

in this test the interest area of the student can be known. For e.g. if the student is interested in science and not maths, and if pressured to take commerce then either he would fail or even if he passes anyhow he would not be able to last longer with his career as he isn't interested in it and if at the same time if he takes up science he can reach great heights with his hard work and dedication.

Personal Counseling:

In today's world when the whole world is leaving in the environment of competition and conflict how can students be excluded/saved from it? To climb the ladder of success each and every person is lives a life of hardships. And with his entrance into the teen age the child comes under the peer pressure of friends, parents, teachers, school, tutions and ends up stressing himself. Every child is blessed with natural potential, it's the the matter to be recognised. We must accept the fact that every child is blessed with different potentials to reach to different heights. Every child is not born to reach to same height but is definitely born with different potential to reach different heights. Many times students face problems which they aren't able to share with their loved ones and eventually end up stressing their life. They face problems like…

  • Nervousness (નિરાશરહે )
  • Anxiety (ચિંતા )
  • Stress (તનાવ )
  • Under confidence (વિશ્વાસહેઠળ )
  • Over expectation (અપેક્ષાકરતાવધારે )
  • Over unhealthy Competitiveness (અનિચ્છનીયસ્પર્ધાત્મકતા )
  • Wrong Method of study (ભણવાનીખોટીરીત )
  • Insecurity (બિનસલામતી )

Other Problems:

Other problems of students are:

  • Experience of stress During Exams
  • Contemporary pressure
  • Generation Gap issues Experienced with teachers and Parents
  • Confusing cause with personal questions
  • Increase in Age Condition
  • Attraction towards opposite sex
  • Problems faced by teenagers while entering the age
  • Families Financial and psychological Problems

Problems Regarding Professional Guidance:

This ways students suffer with many problems due to which they tend to take wrong steps as a result of their shyness to share their problems with other people. If the friendly guidance of the counsellor is given to students of this tender age their lives can be mould to good shapes. The lack of service in the community as a whole while decreasing the level of mental health and specially the level of frustration and stress are increasing in the Student's life.