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Step Up Method

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You all are well versed with the contemporary education system. Under this system in spite of blooming like flower the life of students are getting crushed. Due to the pressure and workload of heavily loaded books and studies they experience lot of mental stress and tend to avoid lectures and stay away we can see that today’s educational system in both private and government institutions is “Chalk and talk”. But here we have to think that does this educational system help them in grasping and learning more? Are they interested in it? Does students feel like studying on their own desire and also does teacher’s teaching method attract them? Are teacher’s able to understand the grasping power of all the students at same time? Are students studies affected due to lack of physical resources in the school? We are often puzzled in such questions and the solution of our confusion is Step-Up Method.

Lack of teachers in Education System, Lack of physical Resources in schools, Lack of interest towards studies in students, things like this point towards the lack of seriousness in giving Quality Education. In such circumstances with the goal of making students active towards their studies and bringing effectiveness in learning-teaching Process H.M.P has come up with this System, with the help of this system Students can get Knowledge with fun. Wherein whole course is converted into a unit. And such units consist of…..

1. Paritchtmak (પરિચાત્મક) activities
2. Practical activities
3. Evaluation Activities
4. Developmental Activities
5. Quality Improvement Activities

Points Considered Under Step-Up Method:

For cards and workbooks different type of exercises are made for different subjects. These activities show directions to the students about known to
unknown, easy to difficult and from sample to reality. This exercises can be done by small group of students, whole class, and one student or in pairs of
students with the help of teachers. Different types of classes are made for different types of activities and the subjects are distinguished with the help
of different symbols and colours.

Identity of Different Cards:

According to Class:

Class 1: BlueColour Card
Class 2: PinkColour Card

Cards Identity According to Subjects:

Maths: Symbols according to Content
Language: Activity targeted Linguistic Symbols
Environment: Activity targeted Environmental Symbols

Step-Up Method depends on 4 Groups:

1. Assistant Teacher
2. Partial Assistant Teacher
3. A Fellow Subsidiary
4. Individual effort

In step up method, teacher’s role is to be made Helpful. Centre of it is child, helps in giving personal attention on all the students in the class. And
more importantly this method is helpful for focusing on weak students by its remedial activities. By this means the child becomes developed and dynamic.

Importance of Step-Up Method: